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New directory enquiries benefits Oxfam

118_logo Need a number? Now you can dial with your conscience. 118 918, is a new directory enquiry service that donates 9p from every call to Oxfam.

The 118 918 service costs exactly the same as the market leaders, so you get to give to a worthwhile cause without dipping into your own wallet. 

This could work out as a nice little earner for the charity. In the last 12 months UK callers spent £180 million on directory enquiry services. If everyone who called 118 services last year, had called the new
118 918 number, over £32 million could have been donated to Oxfam. 

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118 918 are SMS spammers and their service is vastly overpriced - see http://www.118918.net for more information.

Posted by: 118918.net | 10 Dec 2006 19:10:33

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