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Iams Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive

U_im_hp_cat Posh pet nosh Iams (and boy does that cat look like a smaller version of mine own Lacerda) has around 2,000 animal shelters going at the international level in their Home 4 the Holidays drive to place orphaned cats and dogs in loving homes.  Last December, their one millionth pet was adopted - a cat in Florida.  This year's pet drive goes on until January 2, and with your new friend you get an adoption kit with some leaflets and some free pet food.  Kittens are nice, sure, for about six months, and then you've got to live with them for the next ten to twenty years.  Shelter cats, on the other hand, are so grateful that you've saved them from, let's be honest, a situation between death and near-death, that they wake up every day full of astonishment that the world is so fantastic.  (At least, that's how Lacerda behaves; we found him, nigh-starved, in the kitchen one day, bolting down food from the communal cat dish, and he was so incredibly lovely that we couldn't be parted from him.  I've met many wonderful shelter cats since then and although kittens are cute, with an older cat you know what you're getting - with extra love.)  [GT]

Home 4 the Holidays orphaned pet drive

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