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Ecosexuals want a literal roll in the hay


“I was dumbstruck,” says Pearson. “I think I ate my entire meal in silence. Pork plus NutraSweet? That was definitely our last date.”  Part metrosexual, part hippy, the ecosexual wants a "sexy conservationist" or a "romantic recycler" for a partner, and won't take steak for an answer.  Claudia, for instance, wasn’t happy when her boyfriend bought her a kitchen composter so she could recycle leftovers. “I was miffed that he was trying to tell me what to do, and he was miffed that I wasn’t using it,” she says. They, too, eventually parted ways. “It wasn’t just the compost,” Claudia says, “but it raised some control issues that we couldn’t resolve.”  Just read on.  [GT]

In search of a nice Gaia [via Commons blog]

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