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David James says, go green, young footballer


When even sports figures (not chosen for their brains - so it's great when they have them anyhow) are speaking about the environment we know we've got a shot at reaching unlikely change points.  Take the Dave James piece in the Observer, pointing out the lascivious excess lives endemic in sport: fancy cars, tons of air travel, fans driving hundreds of km to the games, and the mountains of litter left behind.  But change is happening: in Germany the match tickets are also bus, train or tram tickets (which also makes people aware that public transit is an option, and probably a sight more convenient and cheap), and Manchester's stadium has wind turbines.  James says, "It doesn't take a think tank to see that the game holds a powerful influence over kids and adults around the world. Harnessing that influence is vital if we want to enjoy football, and the planet, in years to come." [GT]

David James on green living [via Treehugger]

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I think there was a scheme where a Tranmere Rovers ticker entitled you to use the local buses on matcheday to get to and from matches.

Posted by: Rhys | 7 Dec 2006 15:39:11

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