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2006 roundup #36: the Catbib saves birds


We all have to make sacrifices in the cause of living domestically within wild Nature, and sometimes these sacrifices involve putting reverse capes made of neoprene on our cats. Funnily, the cats don't mind the Catbib in the slightest, and my Bester seemed to actually consider his an adornment. What the Catbib does, though, is disrupt the cat's balance just enough to make it really difficult for them to sneak up on birds, thus preserving the songbird population without need to declaw (boo!) your feline friend. Not only do they work, but they're only $9 USD, and if you send a picture of your pet wearing one, they'll send you a second one free. [GT]

Original story: Review: The CatBib saves birds and makes cats happy

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