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2006 roundup #24: Cloth nappies (and Plush Pants) get easier to deal with

Pouch pants

Disposable nappies result in millions of tonnes a year in landfills, of organic material wrapped tightly up in plastic, which means it is definitely not going to biodegrade properly.  That said, no mother is going to give up the convenience of disposables without thinking twice - not to mention the energy consumed in cleaning the cloth kind and the difficulty of finding the right one for you.  The Plush Pants cloth nappy library and Cloth Nappy Review both provide some terrific assistance on that front.  You put down a deposit with Plush Pants and they lend you up to 3 nappies at once.  When you buy, then your deposit is applied to your purchase.  This way you get to be totally sure they do what you need.  However, you can streamline the process even more with a visit to Cloth Nappy Review, a great site that took the whole cloth nappy search out of my tired hands (having chatted on everything from the No Excuse! Cloth Nappy Campaign to Wam-Bamboo nappies to Green baby alternative nappy options to Lollipop silk nappies).  Four years ago when I started looking for material like this, it was really difficult, but now there are some great niche sites with deep analyses of specific green lifestyle issues.  [GT]

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