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2006 roundup #14: Support elephants, not breasts


Project Elephant, which is a charity designed to prevent elephants from extinction, is good.  The Bombay Bedspread Company gave a cut of their fair-trade Indian bedspreads to Project Elephant (and we're pleased to note that the mention of PE here at Hippyshopper helped generate a bit of that donation).  When you know exactly what's going on with the money, and trust the participants, you can hope to shop in a way that generates bonus dividends for charity.  GreaterGood, which lets you click to save rainforest, provide food, etc, is another fine example of socially-charged shopping.  But what about the pink-ribbon goods?  The Assertive Cancer Patient feels exploited, because often manufacturers stick a ribbon or some pink on a piece of gear and provide almost nothing in actual cancer support.  My personal observation as a disabled woman is, on top of that, that breast cancer is not exclusively a woman's disease.  All this pink is condescending as hell!  Plus, why is it cancer of the breast is the one getting all the attention?  We get strokes, too; shouldn't the problems with our brains be more important than the problems with parts of our body that we can survive without?  Or is there a suggestion that the breasts are so blasted important that they must be saved at all costs?  Toss the brain!  Save the boobies!  [GT]

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