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Review: Dryer Balls


Dryer Balls are small rubbery spheres covered in nodules. They promise to reduce drying time by up to 25%, reduce creasing of fabrics and increase softness - without the use of disposable dryer sheets.

Now, my tumble dryer rarely gets used. I bought it in a fit of panic when I moved to Scotland, having heard that the weather could be - ahem - challenging. It is a Hotpoint combination washer-dryer and an average mixed load takes two hours to dry. Not an efficient use of energy, you could say.

Feeling, I'll admit, sceptical, I chucked the Dryer Balls in the machine with a mixed wash of clothes and one bath towel.

The clothes were significantly less creased, the bath towel was properly dry and, here's the shock, soft and fluffy. Plus, the load took fifteen minutes less than usual. One ex-sceptic reporting for laundry duty...

Dryer balls cost £9.99 from Woolworths or JMLDirect and are reusable.

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