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Solar-powered Stainless Steel Vent


Considering that the Stainless Steel Solar Vent (which is a bit oddly named in that it sounds like you're venting sunlight) can run for 48 hours in the dark, even in the winter hours you're looking at a silent, cost-effective ($130 USD and no mains charges after) solution to areas that tend to have condensation or mold problems. Also, obviously, with it being solar powered you don't have to do any wiring. It can also be set on intake, allowing you to circulate fresh air into those dusty computer rooms without sacrificing a precious wall socket. [GT]

Stainless Steel Solar Vent

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Peter Kinne's wooden hard drive enclosure


Made from 60% FSC certified wood and intended to be re-used in the sense that you can pull out tiny, obsolete hard drives and pop in newer, bigger ones, the Peter Kinne Designs Hard Drive Enclosure adds a bit of warm nature to your desktop (while providing the same USB/IDE connectivity that lets you keep the innards cheap and easily upgradeable).  This is just the enclosure; you add in whatever internal IDE hard drive you want.  It's easy, though, he says: if you can put together a bookshelf from Ikea, you can manage this.  Contact him for prices and availability.  [GT]

Peter Kinne Designs Hard Drive Enclosure

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Schools Reject Free Copies of An Inconvenient Truth


Yipes!  The National Science Teachers Association in America was offered 50,000 free copies of An Inconvenient Truth (which is now required viewing for students in Norway and Sweden) and nixed them.  Accepting the DVDs, they wrote, would place "unnecessary risk upon the [NSTA] capital campaign, especially certain targeted supporters." One of those supporters, it turns out, is the Exxon Mobil Corp.  Read on and consider that the United States is the second largest per-capita consumer of the   Earth.  Their mind is made up - don't confuse the children with the facts!  [GT]

Science a la Joe Camel, by Laurie David [via Conscious Earth]

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Co-operative Banking: Good with Money


How would you like to do Good With Money without any evil to yourself? Cooperative Insurance has been ranked high in customer satisfaction compared to regular high street banks, and also provides ethical insurance, mortgages, and even investment funds. As part of their "every penny counts" campaign, every £100 spent turns into 1.25p donation to charity; they offset 20% of your vehicle's carbon emissions at no extra charge to you; and the CIS solar tower generates enough power per year to make 9 million cups of tea. But here's a practical motivator: they offer one interest rate for everything, whether you're buying or pulling out cash, where most banks have a good rate for consumption and a ruinous one for cash. Check it out yourself - your wallet won't be sorry. [GT]

Cooperative Insurance [via hugg]

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News Roundup: ITV's Extinct, new green fuel, and GM potato plan

1. Stephen Hawking says we should move to a new planet. [BBC]

2. Human waste can be turned into green fuel. [Guardian]

3. Fish with the most powerful jaws discovered. [Times]

4. ITV's Extinct could be the first carbon neutral terrestrial TV programme. [MSN]

5. UK government urged to reject GM potato plan. [Friends of the Earth]

More Green News.

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How to get rid of your computer the green way


Geeks-on-wheels offers IT support to the general public and small businesses.

In addition to a fantastic business name, Geeks-on-wheels has an ethical heart, too. Whenever the Geeks supply a new computer, monitor or printer, they offer to take customers old equipment, free of charge, and make sure it is disposed of according to the EU's Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Old computers are broken down to their raw materials, such as plastic, glass and precious metals. These then go on to form parts of cars, mobile phones and even underground construction piping.

So, next time your computer blows up, who you gonna call? (Sorry).

More recycling.

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so baby organic baby food scoops gold


so baby organic baby food. It's handmade, it's organic, and it's imaginative, with dishes such as Moroccan Lamb with Cous Cous and Risotto with Butternut Squash on the menu.

so baby scooped a gold award at the 2006 Soil Association Organic Food Awards, impressing a judging panel that included Raymond Blanc and Sophie Grigson.

Babies (and busy, but conscientious parents) have never had it so good.

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News Roundup: Hottest autumn, breast milk to Africa and more

1. Autumn temperatures hit new high [Guardian]

2. Bush faces legal action over global warming - hurrah! [Independent]

3. The Sunday Times Christmas Appeal tackles blindness. [Times]

4. US mother sends breast milk to HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa. [Time]

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A Year of Living Generously


For 12 months more than 1000 people, spread all around the country, are attempting to support and inspire each other in A Year of Living Generously.

This is an online experiment based on the premise that looking after this planet and its people is what we are all here for, and that if lots of people make small changes to their everyday life they can, over time, make a big difference.

It's everything from turning off the tap while you brush your teeth to reduce water consumption, signing up as an organ donor, switching to fair trade products, to phoning a friend you don't see often.

In its pilot year, 100 people signed up. At the end of the year, they found the members wanted to continue, so they opened it up to 300 people. When that filled up quickly, and a waiting list kept on growing, the organisers decided to open it to everyone.

You can send in suggestions for actions, and Generous will mail you with different ideas and relevant resources if you want to take part. Don't worry about being bombarded, though; this project isn't about guilt, it's about inspiration.

I'm signing up; are you?

More Carbon Neutral Living

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Top 5 eco-presents from Maplin


Electronics superstore Maplin has announced its top five eco-friendly Christmas presents.

1. Solar Cell Education Kits (pictured). Teach your littlies all about solar power. The kit includes a solar panel, DC motor, connecting wire, fan spinner and turntables, coloured paper models, screws and nuts.

2. 'Scotty' Personal Solar Charger. An eco-friendly solution to powering gadgets like your iPod or mobile. This lightweight charger can be clipped to clothing or a rucksack to charge on the move.

3. Solar Powered Christmas Crystal Lights. Available in a range of colours.

4. Solar Garden Lamp; switches on at dusk.

5. Six Watt Solar Shed Light. This waterproof energy-saving bulb and solar panel is also ideal for camping.

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