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Fleece Dog lets you clone a taxidermied version of your pet


The Fleece Dog concept is faintly goofy, which is that you mix your pet's hair with wool and use the Fleece Dog kit to make a toy version of it, but then again, so is the actual site. There's a faint aura of Engrishness about the whole thing that makes me wonder if I'm missing something delightful about the notion of brushing your Great Dane, plucking the stray fur from the brush, and rolling it in with cotton batting like so much clay in your divine hands. Oh... well, when I put it that way... Apparently it's easy to do, and irresistible to pose the little voodoo-doll result afterward (would that this was a quick path to training and that it worked on cats). Certainly it's an unusual take on recycling! (And yes, Paris, you do recognize the little fella depicted here.) [GT]

Fleece Dog

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