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Don't fly-tip in Mendip: put in the bin


1,300 tonnes of trash are fly-tipped across the Mendip district alone every year, costing thousands of pounds to taxpayers simply because lazy louts can't be bothered to bin their rubbish. To combat this, as part of the Keen Britain Tidy project, Mendip District Council is taking names and cracking down. Don't approach fly-tippers, they say, just make a note and let the police know. Fines for inappropriate litter dumping can go as high as £20,000! Top five weird tips in Mendip: 5) six orange bags of party hats and food; 4) a child's paddling pool; 3) the broken remains of a caravan; 2) a snooker table; 1) the trotters and heads of dead hogs - how piggish! Dumping your rubbish outside the tip adds extra work to the recycling cycle, so don't condone it. [GT]

Pigs might fly-tip in Mendip

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