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Calin Bleu designer fleece wrap in 'ludo'


Baby wearing is all the rage - just look at Kate Hudson and Gwen Stafani if you don't believe me - and quite rightly so. Carrying your baby in a sling or framed carrier, means they get lots of that lovely physical contact they are programmed to crave.

Lots of cuddles, plus an upright or semi-upright position equals less crying and less colic for junior. While the strapped-on baby approach handily frees up your arms to do useful things. Like drink wine. Or surf t'internet. Or put up those flatpack shelves that have been sitting in the corner of the living room since you were six months pregnant. Obviously.

This designer wrap sling in 'ludo' is by Calin Bleu. It is made of microfleece so it is soft and snuggly - and it looks rather fab, too. It costs £43.50 from Natural Nursery

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I'm delighted you like the look of our new designer baby carriers!

Posted by: Anne | 28 Nov 2006 22:57:55

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