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Blog Roundup: Steampunk Laptop, the Green Jetsetters


The blogosphere is buzzing over this Steampunk Laptop with a manual typewriter keyboard, Morse key over the trackpad, and stylish wooden case.  And it actually works.  If you can read Japanese, you can get the whole story from the horse's mouth, or you can read more English-speak at Boing Boing, Kotaku, EngadgetWilliam Gibson's website and, of course, Hippyshopper's brother, Tech Digest.  More blog roundup after the jump.

The 48th Carnival of the Green is hosted by Enviropundit, with issues ranging from the problem with free newspapers in London, the self driving car project at Cornell, and 25 tips for greener living from Martha Stewart.   


Joel Makower at WorldChanging asks, "Where are all the good, green products?" and notes The great wave of "green consumerism" hadn't materialized..

Times Online notes that all the jaunting around that Al Gore and his green jet-setters (sounds like a 40s swing band) do in order to boost the environmentalist cause, generates a lot of air fuel pollution.  (One hopes they at least make them Treeflights.)

Adam at Random Neural Misfirings points out the 640 hp electric Mini QED, which is predicted to have a top speed approaching 150mph and to out-accelerate a Porsche 911 Carrera from 0-60mph.

Finally, NOTCOT has an utterly hilarious link to the Executive Coloring Book, which will at least make you realize that you are happier than they are.

More blog roundup next Tuesday at Hippyshopper --  [GT]

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