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Dryer Balls reduce static, lint, drying time


I'm guessing the way these Dryer Balls work is, by bouncing around they keep the clothes from getting into knots that can't dry properly. (Assuming they do in fact work: post any experience with them in comments, please!) Made by Ecozone, Dryer Balls are supposed to act like dryer sheets (without the incredibly toxic perfume and waste) in that they soften clothes and prevent lint and static, and also apparently reduce drying time by a whopping 25%. Wow! If they really are all that, £7 for two would be a real bargain, considering how much electricity that would save you. But I'd really like some impartial comment. Meanwhile, check related stories for some definite energy saving bargains. [GT]

Dryer Balls

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Actually, I then saw a pair for sale, and rubbed them a bit through the plastic. They do look like large spiky Superballs which probably do aerate your clothes enough to somewhat reduce the drying time. I'm not sure about _25%_ though. It probably does also somewhat reduce wrinkling and static. At the price you probably won't lose money on them, but I can't imagine them really making your dry take a full 25% less time.

Posted by: Gabrielle Taylor | 27 Oct 2006 05:47:58

Yes, they work to keep clothes dry, though perhaps not 25% faster. Maybe a little faster, like 10 minutes faster to an hour-long load. They don't, however, stop static cling, so I only use them with towels or all-cotton loads. I am also a little afraid that they might cause more wear to clothes than usual drying. Right now, I use them just with towels and sheets, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Posted by: Karen | 31 Oct 2006 06:03:51

Here's a better idea: sell your dryer. Your electricity bills will go down enormously, and your clothes will last much longer. Plus drying clothes on a rack in a room is a natural humidifier.

Posted by: Cindy | 3 Nov 2006 18:02:45

why do people need driers? those old-fashioned airing racks can go right up to the ceiling, well out of the way, and easily take a whole load.

Posted by: anna | 17 Nov 2006 16:36:51

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