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Review: Simply Green: Parties


Simply Green: Parties
by Danny Seo, published by HarperCollins, £7.25

I enjoyed Danny Seo's Simply Green: Giving quite a bit, so when I received a review copy of Simply Green: Parties, it was with enormous relief.  Here, I figured, was something that could be invaluable in planning this wedding thing in a practical way.  While it doesn't specifically address weddings, it does cover baby showers (no darling, that's not an oblique way of telling you anything), housewarmings and general summer parties.  Seo gives plenty of interesting little tips on how to improve the green factor of any social event at a minimal (if any) cost. Also engagingly written; every time I sat to flip through it I found myself absorbed by the accessible, sensible style.  Although I agree with his decision to showcase six types of parties to wrap his tips around, at the same time I would have appreciated more general advice on structuring a green event.  4/5.  [GT]

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