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Lovely Organics at Bridalwave


We've been neglectful of the best bridal site out there, which is Shiny's own Bridalwave, run by the utterly super Camilla Chafer, and paid the price of not plundering her totally fantastic Green and Organic Weddings category. I hereby publicly apologize for being such a dope and urge any matrimonially-minded readers to hotfoot it over there. Go on, I'll wait. The eye-opener was her writeup of Lovely Organic's wedding hampers. I was introduced to them by Kiss and Makeup's writeup of Lovely Organics, but Charlotte seized on the most relevant part for my brideness-to-beness, which is the gorgeous range of Lovely kits for brides and bridesmaids, including a terrific thank you bag you can give your bridesmaids - a total steal at only £5. I also was intrigued by her post on heart shaped rice confetti (as a biodegradeable alternative to the normal rice or paper) and she had a great option for plantable invitations. The Bridalwave organic category has really taken off lately and Camilla is to be congratulated hugely! [GT]

Lovely Organic's wedding hampers [via Bridalwave]

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