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Diary of a Green Wedding #4: The invitation winner is... ViaStone


Hippyshopper editor Gabrielle (aka [GT]) chronicles trying to have a small, affordable wedding while pleasing her dreamed-of-a-fairytale-wedding- since-he-was-a-boy fiance John, and trying to keep her consumerism low.  This week, a solution to the invitation issue arrives.

Last week I was debating what to do about invitations.  I did get some satisfactory-to-good samples from Seal and Send which were made from natural or recycled fiber and printed with vegetable ink.  However, since I have several years experience in magazine layout (not something most brides can conjure up quite so conveniently!) the pre-made invitations confirmed for me that I wanted to do it myself. 

Even if you decide to go the more conventional route, however, do check out ViaStone paper.  I received a sample pack from them the same day I received the sample invitations and it blew me away.  The image quality is crisp and bright, and it's water-resistant, fade-resistant, tear-resistant, and dries in a trice.  No trees harmed - ViaStone is made from stone.  No bleaching, no byproducts.  They have standard A4 papers as well as greeting card size, business card size, and labels.   

Despite being so much superior to conventional tree paper (a long-lasting souvenir for anyone who chooses to keep our invitation; no environmental regrets if you just bin it after you've written down the salients) the price is very much in line with other comparable products of that quality (about 50 pence per card; I plan to email asking about a bulk package since I also have my own line of art cards).  I strongly recommend checking them out for your own wedding invites or mass mails, whether DIY or done with a traditional printer.  Simply gorgeous.  Now if only we could get that invitation list done.  John, my dove, is it still really a hundred people?  [GT]

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