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Diary of a Green Wedding #3: Introduction to Invitations


Hippyshopper editor Gabrielle chronicles trying to have a small, affordable wedding while pleasing her dreamed-of-a-fairytale-wedding-since-he-was-a-boy fiance and trying to keep her consumerism low. Invitations are a guaranteed puzzler.

In addition to being cantankerous, non-girly when it comes to weddings, and, shall we put it nicely, value-conscious about my spending on events, I am also not much of a crafty type.  Arts yes, crafts, not so much.  Nonetheless the idea of making my own wedding invitations was appealing, partly for the strictly practical reason that it meant I could design them to be a more standard letter size and thereby avoid the postage premium attached to non-standard format envelopes.  I'm also aware that the closer the wedding gets, the less time there will be to deploy the human touch - we'll be increasingly disposed to shell out for ready-mades.

The first question, of course, was, "John, how many invitations do you think we'll have to send out?"

"Oh, about two hundred," he said, and went back to typing.


"A hundred?" he said appealingly.

The difference between even a hundred and two hundred is, of course, the difference between something like the Cosmo DIY Very Orange Invitation, which involves mulberry cardstock (tree-free!) and an affixed pressed flower inside a milkweed (also tree-free!) envelope... and, say, the Organic Weddings Invitation Service or Seal and Send, since their paper is all 25-100% recycled. 

Having experience in desktop publishing, I was keen on the idea of doing my own design from the font to the stamp, and leaning toward using designer letter paper made from coffee or banana, or ellie poo paper and making it a three-fold letter rather than a card.  When my friend Noogie married, he made up generic postcards with ADMIT 2 coupon graphics, which was conceptually as well as practically very appealing, but not quite in keeping with what my intended dreamed of when he was a little boy.  Reluctantly accepting that invitations are going to prove more complex than I hoped, I ordered some Natural Fiber and Recycled samples from Seal and Send, and vowed to spend the next week tackling the issue, in order to get the invitations in the mail the desirable six months in advance.  The date?  March 18. [GT]

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wow, gets complicated doesn't it?! my friends all sent their invites out about 2 months in advance- you're giving a lot of notice! Hope your fiance is actually helping... ;) x

Posted by: DIANE SHIPLEY | 8 Sep 2006 13:01:02

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