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Canby sustainable jute totes


It's not too late to get in on the Canby summer sale on white jute shopping bags. For £350 + VAT, you get 200 bags, printed on both sides with the same 1 colour design (of your choice) to resell for around £600. If that's more of an investment than you want to make, you can get 50 of the Green Shopper bags for £50 + VAT, and obviously they're worth more than £1 each. The bags are all fair trade and created greenly. If you just want to buy one bag, stop by their sister site, Summer Bags, where you can get their Havana bag for £10 including VAT, the GOA bag for £5 and the classic Antibes brown or blue also for five quid. [GT]

Canby jute shoppers | Summer Bags

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