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Yay or Nay: Is there a spy bin in your neighborhood?


Pocket-lint reports that councils across the UK have put out 500,000 spy rubbish bins across England to monitor trash dumping habits with RFIDs.  The RFIDs cost £2 each (so a million pounds right there) plus outfitting the trucks with RFID readers costs £15,000 per truck, equipped to an unspecified number of trucks.  The idea is to figure out who is dumping excess non-recyclable rubbish and eventually to charge those who toss too much.  Is this an appropriate expenditure, or are there more efficient places to put a few million quid in order to increase recycling?  Post Yay or Nay in comments!  [GT]

Wheelie bin gets high tech makeover

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Nay - I think we're already approaching the 1984 'Big Brother' society fast enough, regardless of these new wheelie bins - that's just preposterous. Still, I am a lover of the environment so can see the benefits, but I think that million pounds could definitely go towards doing something better.

Posted by: The Bag Lady | 5 Sep 2006 12:40:56

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