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Nokia protoypes easy-disassembly mobiles


Hippyshopper emeritus Adam of thegreenguy attended a smokin' hot - or should it be cool green - Nokia demonstration of a mobile that pops into its constituent parts: screen, keypad, battery and circuit board... in seconds flat. It's prototypical now, but should lead to a world where there is less high-tech debris being shunted off to poorer countries where they're disassembled by the poor or elderly. From an economic perspective, if it means more components recycled into new products, with less impact from production, everybody wins. Britons discard a shocking number of mobiles every year, as demonstrated at the Dead Ringers? exhibition, and all progress on this front is huge. [GT]

Introducing active disassembly, AKA gadgets that'll recycle themselves [via thegreenguy]

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