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Make it a Treeflight


Travel is getting easier to make green, ranging from Google's Make it a Green Summer to Fair Trade Tourism.  Now one simple little thing you can do is put out ten quid to Make it a Treeflight.  Buy your ticket normally, then truck over to Treeflights.com and buy a sapling for a Welsh forest - available in a variety of flavours, including willow, ash and black cherry.  Black poplar gives home to over 200 insects, so while you fly, you're giving tiny fliers a new home.  [GT]

Product page: Make it a Treeflight

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Treeflights is cool! I'm flying to France next week, so i chose 3 oak trees to be planted on a wild welsh hillside. I'm going to visit them too in a few years. I'm not expecting 60 ft trees though..

check them out

Posted by: Tom O'Hagan | 12 Jul 2006 12:20:03

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