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Spruce up your drawers or cupboards with Ceramic Rose pulls


Natural Collection has a great set of porcelain Rose drawer pulls. These 4.5cm ceramic roses are the biggest steal imaginable at only £1 each (!!) so if you've got a chest of drawers or some cupboards that are in need of some new jewelry, these are available in cream, fern, aqua, rose, white and ink, and will put a whole new complexion on the situation. Also you can feel good about that they're hand-made by skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan, so you're making your world nicer as well as theirs. [GT]

Rose drawer pulls

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Boston goes solar with... garbage collection?


Boston's latest idea for reducing in-city litter is solar-powered self-compacting trash containers. Basically, you throw in your garbage, it crushes the contents down periodically, and therefore smells less and needs emptied less often - as infrequently as once or twice a day instead of a dozen to fifteen times. They also don't spill, unlike the traditional wire basket variety, and hold five times as much trash: 150 gallons versus the typical 30 gallon. [GT]

Boston installs solar compacting public trash-cans [via Boing Boing]

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Kshocolât from Glasgow


Kshocolât bills itself as Glasgow's "Chocolate deli", and given it has flavours ranging from Chilli Pecan to White Chocolate with Pepper and Lemon, that doesn't sound too far from the truth.  Available from Heavenly! and Harvey Nichols online, plus Kshocolât actual shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Chocolate naturally produces endorphins and has a low glycemic index; it's only cheap sugary+fatty chocolate-flavoured candy that makes you fat and unsatisfied.  You should always splash out on the good stuff because it goes a long, long way and you enjoy it far, far more.  [GT]

Kshocolât [via Cool Hunting

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First Flush Sale from Thunderbolt Tea


Thunderbolt Tea has a very limited amount of Orange Valley First Flush, FTGFOP1 (which is extremely high quality) on for the unreal sale price of $18 USD for 500 grams. At one gram per cup, that's a lot of tea - and this tea normally goes for $20 USD for 250 grams. Thunderbolt is terrifically fair trade in that you're ordering directly from India, and while the Orange Valley isn't organic, their Arya Ruby is (except it's sold out. Strictly, so is the Orange Valley, but they just discovered a few extra bales and are making them secretly available. Gettem while you can since they'll go fast-astic). [GT]

Thunderbolt Tea Orange Valley First Flush, FTGFOP1

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Boycott the 'Shameless Seven' in milk and soy


The Organic Consumers Association is expanding its boycott of Horizon and Aurora Organics to include Silk soy, White Wave soy, and milk brands owned by Aurora. Aurora provides milk to Costco's "Kirkland Signature, Publix's "High Meadows", Giant's "Nature's Promise" and Wild Oats. "[M]ost or all of their milk is coming from factory farm feedlots where the animals have been brought in from conventional farms and are kept in intensive confinement, with little or no access to pasture." The soy is from Brazil and China, where human rights and environmental standards are not as they should be. So if you buy these products, ask your local store to join the boycott, and stop buying it yourself. You can also send a letter to the Shameless Seven CEOs. [GT]

Boycott the Shameless Seven - Organic Outlaws Labeling Factory Farm Milk as 'USDA Organic'

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Green Building Company's one-stop shop for water saving


If you're renovating and want to install water saving WCs, taps and fittings, the first place to look for inspiration is the Ultra-efficient toilets, bathrooms and water-saving section of the Green Building Company.  Another good place to look is recently-mentioned The Green Parent magazine, which we mentioned just the other day - more advice from the Green Parent after the jump.

<p>The Green Parent says: We use 70% more water today than we did 40 years ago; 95% of water delivered to our homes goes down the drain; a garden hose can use almost as much water in an hour as an average family uses in a day.

Turn on the tap and water flows out. It is all too easy to take water for granted rather than think of it as a precious resource. However, increased demand and low levels of rain fall in recent weeks mean than more than 13 million households in the UK are banned from using hosepipes this summer and further restrictions may be imposed if the fine weather continues. Families are high consumers of water, with baths at bedtime, paddling pools during the warmer months and the often continuous washing cycle, so how can we reduce our consumption and help teach children the true value of water?

1) Toilets use more water than any other household appliance. In fact over 30% of the water we use in our homes is for flushing the toilet. This equates to two baths full per day for the average family. However help is at hand in the form of a volume reduction device that can be placed in the cistern. Products such as the Hippo, www.hippo-the-watersaver.co.uk and the Save-a-Flush, www.save-a-flush.co.uk can be used to limit the amount of water needed to flush.

2) Encourage bath sharing, often great fun for those involved and a great way to cut water use. And of course, showers offer a much more efficient way of getting clean using two thirds less water. Water-saver showerheads are available from www.greenbuildingstore.co.uk. These deliver a lower flow rate and still give the feeling of a good shower.

3) Encourage kids to turn off the taps whilst brushing their teeth by setting a good example. An incredible six litres of water can be wasted by leaving them running.

4) Water butts are a great investment for the water conscious family. Children can fill their watering cans using the tap at the base, recycling rain water and keeping the vegetable plot well hydrated at the same time. Watering in the early morning or late afternoon helps to prevent water loss due to evaporation.

5) Drought resistant plants can be grown by budding young gardeners. Try African lily, buddleia, lavender, rosemary, thyme, evening primrose and tulips.

For more green living advice check out the latest issue of The Green Parent magazine at www.thegreenparent.co.uk.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: Melissa Corkhill on 01273 401012 or via email at editor@thegreenparent.co.uk.

Ultra-efficient toilets, bathrooms and water-saving section of the Green Building Company | a href="http://www.thegreenparent.co.uk">The Green Parent

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Natural linen MacBook covers from Wrappers


If you splashed out on a new MacBook, you'll likely welcome the chance to save a few quid and still have a snappy, professional looking cover - and did I mention it's got a nice natural fiber surface and is made right here in the UK? Wrappers has MacBook linen sleeves in brilliant white Coconut, hot Horizon pink, slaty Out of the Blue, lilac Raspberry and oatmeal Honey. Instead of a stiff exterior, the linen is pumiced into 'a unique peach skin finish', which is layered over poly fill and with a microfiber navy blue inside. No velcro, no zips, just good tailoring: all for £16. [GT

Wrappers MacBook linen sleeves

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Swing bags at Oliver Heath's EcoCentric store


Oliver Heath at EcoCentric has some fabulous felt Swing bags in a summery dark rosy pink, lime green and an olive brown. The felt is made from 100% pure wool and dyed synthetically, but with dye that conforms to "the strictest health, environmental and fire safety standards." If you're dressy or a Frank Zappa fan you can doll it up with a little green rosetta (or cream, pink or multicoloured blue-green-brown-cream). The bags are £25 and the rosettas are £15. (If you were a subscriber to the EcoCentric newsletter you'd be able to get 15% off both, plus 10% off all cardboard playhouses. Plus the newsletter is printed on 100% recycled electrons.) [GT]

EcoCentric Swing bags

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Nokia protoypes easy-disassembly mobiles


Hippyshopper emeritus Adam of thegreenguy attended a smokin' hot - or should it be cool green - Nokia demonstration of a mobile that pops into its constituent parts: screen, keypad, battery and circuit board... in seconds flat. It's prototypical now, but should lead to a world where there is less high-tech debris being shunted off to poorer countries where they're disassembled by the poor or elderly. From an economic perspective, if it means more components recycled into new products, with less impact from production, everybody wins. Britons discard a shocking number of mobiles every year, as demonstrated at the Dead Ringers? exhibition, and all progress on this front is huge. [GT]

Introducing active disassembly, AKA gadgets that'll recycle themselves [via thegreenguy]

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Styles Farmhouse English ice cream in cow and sheep


It's a tad on the difficult side to get ice cream that is not made with cow milk, but, when you do, it's usually brilliant. Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream, for example, has all-new, naturally low fat Slim Ewe which is only 68 calories per 100ml! Comes in Mint Choc Chunk, Dutch Chocolate, Real Strawberry and natural Vanilla. So you won't feel too deprived when you look at the cow ice cream flavours, ranging from Masala Rum & Raisin to Stem Ginger - since although they will be happy, they will also get fat. Course, for the Chocolate Orange With Countreau, it's probably worth it. Send over one of each! [GT]

Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream

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