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Boycott the 'Shameless Seven' in milk and soy


The Organic Consumers Association is expanding its boycott of Horizon and Aurora Organics to include Silk soy, White Wave soy, and milk brands owned by Aurora. Aurora provides milk to Costco's "Kirkland Signature, Publix's "High Meadows", Giant's "Nature's Promise" and Wild Oats. "[M]ost or all of their milk is coming from factory farm feedlots where the animals have been brought in from conventional farms and are kept in intensive confinement, with little or no access to pasture." The soy is from Brazil and China, where human rights and environmental standards are not as they should be. So if you buy these products, ask your local store to join the boycott, and stop buying it yourself. You can also send a letter to the Shameless Seven CEOs. [GT]

Boycott the Shameless Seven - Organic Outlaws Labeling Factory Farm Milk as 'USDA Organic'

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This is truly sickening. It's just like what the USDA is trying to do by redefining "grass-fed" to include cows that are fed grass while still being kept in severe and cruel confinement crates. What Next?!

Larry Parker (Blogging for the sake of Farm Animals)


Posted by: Larry Parker | 15 Aug 2006 17:20:06

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