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Auto Cool automagically cools your vehicle with solar power


My sterling John and I were off to introduce him to my mother (his opinions of her are of the highest and least repeatable quality of course) when she inquired, over morning fair-trade coffee, if I'd heard about a solar-powered fan that sucked air, through a window crack, into your car, thus maintaining modest but useful air circulation so that your car doesn't become unspeakably broiling hot.  I said I had not, and therefore did not know if they worked.  Then John and I were packing up for the trek home (with intention to stop partway for some cheap motel love) when he affixed one to the back window, and, gentle reader, I married him.  (Well, next year.)  In any case, the Auto Cool is the gadget, and yes, it does indeed work.  Without it, our car was hot-hot-hot, and with it, the car was only breathably-warm-hot.  At $15 this is the must-have solar gadget of the summer, especially if you ever keep pets in the vehicle.  You should never leave them unattended anyhow, but if you must have them in with you, the Auto Cool will make the vehicle noticeably more bearable.  [GT]

Product page: Auto Cool

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Auto Cool is a total scam. I purchased two, and neither car feels any cooler. When I went to retrieve my money back guarantee, they only refunded the price of the unit, not the $10 per unit (approximately) that I was charged for processing and shipping fees. And I have to pay to send the two pieces of junk back to them. Don't fall for it.

Posted by: blessedmomx3 | 17 Jul 2006 16:44:37

True total scam. Even with two units on one vehicle it has no effect. Same as just leaving the windows partially open. And it's not worth the time or effort to return them as they charge as much for non-refundable shipping as the product itself. Don't waste your time or money.

Posted by: Cameron | 19 Jul 2006 21:31:03

The thieves are out there fooling us again! I am surprised that you even promoted it, though weakly, on your site. I bet it makes you feel that the promotional fee received may not have been worth it.....but then money talks for all of us, doesn't it. I too put it to the test. I installed it as instructed in my vehicle at a temperature of 83 degees and parked it in the sun for two hours. When I next entered the car, the temperature was 116! It should be advertsed as a heater! To my fellow deceived comrades, don't bother trying to return it........just contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. Auto Cool will probably not even answer your dispute...they've already made a fortune on handling fees alone!

Posted by: louis | 19 Jul 2006 22:48:36

This is a total ripoff. They should be prosecuted for fraud.

Posted by: kathy | 19 Jul 2006 23:49:07

Let's be fair folks. First off, I have nothing to do with AutoCool. I just found this when Googling to find AutoCool. That being said, let's reasonably look at the issues above. The first complaint was for shipping, Autocool's website says $7.95 for shipping and handling. That is not unreasonable. I have a small business and it regularly costs me about $10 when I include postage, cost of the box, styrofoam packaging, etc. to send small packages less then 5lb. As to it not being able to cool as much as people like. What is the realistic expectation? As a former engineer, I can tell you that 2-4 hours in direct sunlight at 80+ ambient temperatures can produce temperatures above 140-150, which is why it kills children and animals. So, the 116 figure seems like it produced about 30 degrees of cooling. Also, did anyone open ANOTHER window to provide a place for the hot air to go OUT or did you simply pressurize your car? I would appreciate honest, OBJECTIVE feedback on the Autocool.

Posted by: Mark | 20 Jul 2006 18:42:35

Buyer beware!!

WGRZ in Buffalo NY just did a "test' on this product. IT is JOKE!! They tested two similar cars side by side ....the car with the auto cool in it was actually 1 degree warmer than with out it.


They attempted to contact the company, of course with no response.

Posted by: Sharon | 22 Jul 2006 18:28:54

I ordered one, $14.99 plus $7.95 Shipping and Handling. The next week they took $60.73 out of my checking account. I called them immediately and they said they charge $14.99 for each unit (they shipped 2!!), PLUS $7.95 S&H for EACH unit. Then there's the FREE cupholder caddy - $7.95 S&H for each of these also (2 of these also)! Was I told that upfront? Certainly not. I ordered on June 23 - the unitS came on July 15 - in two boxes - I was charged for 4 separate boxes!!!!! My checking account was $184 overdrawn the next day after they took out the $60.73! I am 75, very limited income (debated if I could afford one, much less two!) Still awaiting my credit. I ordered on debit card so bank is some help but still don't have all of my money back. I shipped both boxes back the day they came! What a farce! Sounds like the scammed quite a few of us! I reported them to Better Business Bureau, County Attorney and Corporation Commission, here in Arizona! I HAVE CALLED 3 TIMES AND SO FAR, NO HELP FROM THEM!

Posted by: Barbara | 23 Jul 2006 02:27:57

After watching this test done on the Auto Cool and reading the above reviews I've decided not to purchase the item. I just got up out of bed to log on and purchase it, but decided to browse around some sites, maybe find a discount price. Well I found these comments that saved me from throwing my money away. Thanks

Posted by: Nicole | 23 Jul 2006 05:23:18

The comment by "GT", "At $15 this is the must-have solar gadget of the summer, especially if you ever keep pets in the vehicle." is irresponsible and(based on the reviews)potentially leathal advise. It sounds to me that the product's performance in the field does not come close to it's claims and leaving a child or a pet in a car on even a moderately warm day for just a few minutes is a very serious health risk. A product like this can promote a sense of false confidence and lead to choices that have very bad results.

Posted by: Dan | 23 Jul 2006 22:02:31

An absolute rip-off as previously stated by everyone who posted ahead off me. Trust me folks just leave your window cracked cause you will get the same results.

Posted by: Mike | 24 Jul 2006 06:35:35

I saw their add on TV, and I swear they said it would drop your temperature in your car from 100 Degrees to 75 Degrees. Gees, and the big auto makers have been putting 2 and 3 thousand dollar AC units in cars to do the same thing. I tried calling Auto Cool on their order line to ask one of the sales people where they did this test (100 Deg to 75 Deg), (I live in the Phoenix, Az area, where it hit 118 at Luke AFB yesterday, if those units worked as promised, they would have no complaints and make a bigger bundle) but all I get is an automated response....I think it is fraud, I would never order one, I am now waiting to see some of these states Attorney Generals go after this company.

Posted by: Bob Giffin | 24 Jul 2006 07:14:10

I just saw a demonstration of this device. Two identicle vehicles were used, with the device in one of them. The two vehicles were left in the sun for three hours. Identical digital themometers were used to record the temperature.

The results: The vehicle with this device was actually hotter inside than the vehicle without the device.

Conclusion: This device is a scam and the company should be prosecuted for fraud, their owners jailed, and should have all their assets confiscated.

Posted by: John | 24 Jul 2006 18:23:48

Whoever wrote the article at the top of the page is part of the fraud and should also be jailed.

Posted by: John | 24 Jul 2006 18:26:26

To Mark:

First off, who the hell cares about their costs involved with this scam?

Secondly, it sounds like you are involved with Autocool.

Thirdly, the hot air is coming out of your lying mouth.

Try another career, you dweeb, because engineering is not your forte!

Posted by: John | 24 Jul 2006 18:30:05

I have also noticed by "googling" this device, that 100's of web sites appear that sell these devices and other "as seen on tv" devices.

If you have ever noticed these get rich quick, work from home advertisements on TV, I suspect that this is what you would be doing from home.
Selling fraudulent device for a living. What a job!

Scamming people.

Posted by: John | 24 Jul 2006 18:40:45

BBB doesn't show much of a bad history on this scam. Since so many people seem to see this is not worth the money and have a hard time with contacting the company why not email the owner at Howardb@allstar-group.com and complain directly to that person?

Posted by: Renita | 24 Jul 2006 21:01:10

I recently bought a used car with no A/C in it and I had told my husband that although we need to get one installed, in the meantime while we saved money for it, I was going to order the Autocool. I also was goint to browse the net to find a better price when I ran into this page. I'm definitely not buying one now and it sucks for those of you who purchased one, but at least people who read this will refrain from getting one. what a rip off. I knew it was too good to be true.

Posted by: Grace | 24 Jul 2006 23:13:54

Thanks for everyone's input. You just save me some money and saved me from a big disapointment. There is something to be said about "if it sounds to good to be true, it is".

Posted by: Lynn | 25 Jul 2006 03:13:12

this pisses me off...wtf...i juss bought this crap not too long ago and i read all this scam shit..u son of a bitch whoever made this stupid device..decieving me like this..u should be ashamed..i am juss a broke man tryna be somewhat cool and not feel like hell everytime he steps into his 240...is it my fault i can't afford a/c...my god and to all u people thanks for crushing my dreams with ur comments..actually thank you for the input but on the same note fuck u

Posted by: Mistah Flash | 25 Jul 2006 07:38:56

Thanks to all of you who just saved me from falling for this scam. My wife saw the ad on TV and asked me to order it. Luckily I decided to check it out first - better not trust items "not sold in stores".

Posted by: Charles | 26 Jul 2006 08:01:21

Thank you to all of you who took the time to write comments on this website. I, too went looking for more information on the device. I have a puppy that I like to take everywhere with me and my boys and I was hoping this would buy me a few minutes in a store. I feel terrible for all of those who got swindled by the company. I am so glad that I was able to find out early what a scam this trulyis.

Posted by: Michele | 26 Jul 2006 20:02:42

I too live in Phoenix and keep a thermometer in my van with poor a/c. It was 123 degrees the other day with the a/c on!!!
Thanks for saving me the $23 and hassel of getting a refund for something I just wished would work. I'm glad I googled for reviews and opinions first.
Thank you all for your service, time and attention.

Posted by: Suzanne | 27 Jul 2006 02:44:14

I was just thinking about getting this for my parents and found this site doing a little research on it. I knew it had to be good to be true!! I mean, if it's just a fan circulating more hot air around, how can that possibly cool your car in the sun another 30 degrees. This is why we need a board similar to the FDA to certify product claims instead of wasting any of our hard-earned dollars on lies.

Posted by: goodintentions | 27 Jul 2006 06:52:37

anyone who's stupid enough to believe a commercial for the autocool deserves to be ripped off. Come on, folks... a tiny plastic fan is going to cool your car in the summertime while it sits outside for more than 15 minutes??? MINDLESS! Think for yourselves, it'll save you a lot of money.

Posted by: toldyaso | 28 Jul 2006 20:56:44

A TV station in Dallas did a test on this, see the video here:

It does not work....obviously.

Posted by: Aaron | 31 Jul 2006 19:03:35

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