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Review: Timberland bamboo sandals


Timberland sent me a couple of pairs of their bamboo sandals; one with the strap and one without.  Personally I prefer the strappy sandals so that's what I'd go for, but either way, these are surprisingly comfortable and simple enough to be worn under most circumstances.  The strappy pair broke in nicely after one day of walking and gave only minimal blisters on my baby toes; plus they seem to be wearing pretty well.  $80 is reasonable value, especially for how good my feet felt after walking in them all day.  That's the good news.  The bad news, well, read on.

The bad news is that the sandals are leather aside from the bamboo part.  It continues to bemuse me that companies are going for the green buck but still going with, say, leather uppers.  The other problem I had is with the packaging.  The shoes came with disposable plastic foot-shapes in them.  While the shape was clearly intended to make the shoe stay plump, if my Rockports were fine with recycled newspaper these would have been also.  Again, if you're going for the ethical dollar, think about every aspect of the product!  [GT]

Timberland bamboo sandals

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