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Throwplace takes what you don't want


Obsolete computer that works but is now basically useless to you?  Couch you don't need?  Or maybe you need some chairs or a desk at your not-for-profit?  Visit Throwplace.com - a refinement on the Freecycle idea.  You can either offer your castoffs to a particular charity, or designate them as Up-For-Grabs - any charity can get them.  (Charities must be properly registered with some official government body, depending on whether they're US-based or "International" - well, yes, the American sites do tend to have a bit of the Us-Them problems but considering this is such a fabulously good idea we'll overlook that.)  And yes, you get a receipt - it's a donation.

Throwplace doesn't collect - it just facilitates.  You list your item, it gets claimed, you send it to the charity.  Computers that are so obsolete as to be basically worthless are still of interest to recyclers, so now's your chance to clear out the old gear closet.  (Even I put a 17" monitor out by the roadside in hope somebody would just take it off my hands.)  [GT]

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