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10% off Lunapanties, 20% off Lunathongs, in July


Rounding up our coverage of green menstrual products is the Lunapad.  Available in standard or organic cotton, this washable pad is available in a variety of weights at a very good price (especially considering it'll allow you to stop buying disposable pads every single month!)  They have a great starter kit containing 2 Maxi Pads, 2 Maxi Liners, 2 Mini Pads, 2 Mini Liners and 2 Mini Wing Liners in a nice little mesh laundry bag. Another great product: Lunapanties, at 10% off this July.  More after the jump.


Lunapanties are normal looking panties with an extra-absorbent core for light flow days. $14 USD. Shown here is the bikini style, but they're also available in briefs. Made from 100% organic cotton jersey, they feature a permanent gusset panel of 100% cotton fleece for superior comfort and performance. Choose regular Lunapanties for light menstrual flow or everyday comfort, or Deluxe Lunapanties (with a built in nylon lining and a removable Luna Liner) for heavier flow.. The thong variety is a whopping 20% off, making them only $13 USD in organic cotton. [GT

Lunapanties | Lunapads

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Wemoon reusable menstrual products


"What," my John inquired dubiously, "is this?"  Holding up a well-used (but clean!) reusable menstrual pad from the laundry.  It's one of those conversations you hope not to have too soon in the engagement, but there comes a time when even the most dyed-in-the-organic-cotton bachelor has to deal with wimmen's issues (no pun intended).  Since I work from home, I find reusables a surprisingly comfortable and pleasant way to go green, while adding minimal extra overhead to the laundry.  You European gals can experiment with the same idea, with washable cotton pads from Wemoon, starting at €4.75 for liners to €6.50 for double-absorbent core maxis.

Sue Johanssen of the Sunday Night Sex Show expressed some dubiousness about resuable cloth pads, but honestly, if you've got a good set, the knowledge that you're not contributing more landfill waste is worth the minor (and I do mean minor) inconvenience.  Wemoon pads in particular are available in a variety of flashy, fun colours, from plaid to animal print, and they have a couple of great, inexpensive bags for stashing them discreetly if you're on the move.  [GT]

Wemoon reusable menstrual pads

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Divacup reusable menstrual cup


The DivaCup is a silicone-based, hypoallergenic alternative to tampons.  It's slightly - very slightly - trickier to master than the tampon, but once you have it down pat, you'll love not having to worry about packing around extras or random messes attributable to overflow.  It's very soft and flexible, and all you do is squeeze it into a shape small enough to insert, apply it in a manner similar to a conventional tampon, and away you go.  Every 12 hours or so (yes, it's safe to sleep wearing one) you dump and wash it, then reinsert.  And that's it.  If you want extra assurance, it goes well with reusable menstrual pads.  $32.50 USD plus very reasonable P + P.  [GT]


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Join the Big Noise

Make Trade Fair is an Oxfam initiative intended to - among many other things! - put together the largest petition in human history.  The petition, called the Big Noise, demands that global decision makers quit putting it together based exclusively on finance and start factoring in people.  Fair trade for everyone now! 

Make Trade Fair also draws attention to the unethical behaviour exhibited at WTO meetings and general international economic debate. The latest story is on how between the US and the EU, international fair trade dialogue is totally stalled. While they've given a symbolic yellow card to George Bush, it's going to take more than that to get things on track. Act now! [GT]

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Second Sustainable Science Symposium, 8 July

Wind_turbine Calling all greenies in Wales!  (Like Hippyshopper emeritus Ella at Organic Jac!)    Saturday, the 8th of July, those into green building design and construction can see the best and brightest in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies showcase their work at the Second Sustainable Science Symposium, held at the Center for Alternative Technology, in the hills of Southern Snowdonia.   Both students and prominent local experts will speak on how to go greener in business - but also in the home, so don't feel like you need to be a CEO or an academic to.  attend.  There'll be workshops on cob and strawbale construction and also clay and lime render.  If even  that is a bit over your head, you'll still be sure to enjoy a set of art workshops aimed at young adults and kiddies.

Consumer attendees include Dalsouple sustainable rubber goods, Precious Earth sustainable paints,  Hippyshopper fave The Green Shop, Dulas renewable energy consultants, and Pen Y Coed sustainable insulation specialists.  Something for everyone!  [GT]

Second Sustainable Science Symposium

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Buy Green - By Mail!


The Centre for Alternative Technology wants you - you - to have an easier time of buying green.  To this end, they've put together a free guide, Buy Green by Mail, which is loaded with products, books and gadgets that you can mail-order.  Some you already know, like the Freeplay wind-up DAB, but others, such as books on green construction (Architecture in a Climate of Change, the Natural Plaster Book or Diary of an Eco-Builder) are probably new to you.

Other books cover all aspects of CAT’s expertise, from renewable energy to organic gardening, healthy homes to ethical lifestyles, recycling to water treatment.  And it’s not only books – there are also plenty of handy gadgets and gifts. The catalogue includes low-energy light bulbs, wineglasses made from recycled bottles, fairtrade hammocks, organic beauty lines and mobile phone chargers that can be powered from your bike.  Get yours by calling 0845 330 4592, or emailing [email protected].  [GT]

Buy Green by Mail

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Celebrate the World Cup win with A Lot of Chocolate


If there's anything better than chocolate, it's probably winning the World Cup.  (Woo!)  Fortunately A Lot of Chocolate has a way for you not to choose, with their England World Cup Chocolates.  These England-emblazoned chocolates, available in mixed and vegan dark, are six to a box, organic, and cost a svelte £4.99.  Naturally they're shaped like little tiny footballs.  [GT]

England World Cup Chocolates

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Maplin Electronic Portable Shower


Glastonbury may be resting this year, but that's no reason to sit at home and use your regular shower.  Nor is cavorting at V festival, Oxegen or the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals, or camping, a reason to smell (bad, that is; we have no objection to your actual use of your nose).  With that many people packed into such a tiny area, you're doing your fellow man a favour (as well as exciting his envy, you sinful creature) by using the Portable Car Shower from Maplin.  It comes complete in its own carry bag - just add water - and is heated up by either your car battery or using 4 D cells (which we prefer since then they can be rechargables with that great solar charger.  £19.99 well spent.  [GT]

Portable Car Shower from Maplin

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Review: Timberland bamboo sandals


Timberland sent me a couple of pairs of their bamboo sandals; one with the strap and one without.  Personally I prefer the strappy sandals so that's what I'd go for, but either way, these are surprisingly comfortable and simple enough to be worn under most circumstances.  The strappy pair broke in nicely after one day of walking and gave only minimal blisters on my baby toes; plus they seem to be wearing pretty well.  $80 is reasonable value, especially for how good my feet felt after walking in them all day.  That's the good news.  The bad news, well, read on.

The bad news is that the sandals are leather aside from the bamboo part.  It continues to bemuse me that companies are going for the green buck but still going with, say, leather uppers.  The other problem I had is with the packaging.  The shoes came with disposable plastic foot-shapes in them.  While the shape was clearly intended to make the shoe stay plump, if my Rockports were fine with recycled newspaper these would have been also.  Again, if you're going for the ethical dollar, think about every aspect of the product!  [GT]

Timberland bamboo sandals

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FREITAG recycled container store opens in Zürich


The FREITAG store in Zurich is recycled in both senses of the word: the store is a skyscraper made from 17 used freight containers, and it sells FREITAG bags, made from recycled tarps.  Lovingly [the freight-containers] were gutted, reinforced, piled up and secured. Zurich’s first bonsai-skyscraper: Low enough not to violate the city’s restriction on high-rise buildings. High enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.  FREITAG bags are available in pre-made patterns, but if you like, you can pick your own cuts and mix them together as you wish. [GT]

FREITAG bags | Design your own FREITAG bag

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