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FREITAG recycled container store opens in Zürich


The FREITAG store in Zurich is recycled in both senses of the word: the store is a skyscraper made from 17 used freight containers, and it sells FREITAG bags, made from recycled tarps.  Lovingly [the freight-containers] were gutted, reinforced, piled up and secured. Zurich’s first bonsai-skyscraper: Low enough not to violate the city’s restriction on high-rise buildings. High enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.  FREITAG bags are available in pre-made patterns, but if you like, you can pick your own cuts and mix them together as you wish. [GT]

FREITAG bags | Design your own FREITAG bag

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What happend to the Freita Tower?

Posted by: Henriette Schrock | 12 Feb 2007 14:34:43

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