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eGo Helio rechargable moped

eGo Scooter

You commute less than twenty kilometers to work, but for various reasons it's not practical to take public transit, so you've been stuck driving a car, getting tangled in traffic snarls, paying huge amounts for parking and even more for petrol. Well, has eGo got a solution for you! The Helio electric scooter can go up to 25 miles on a charge (optional extra battery pack available to double that range) and since it's as small as a bicycle, you'll find it way easier to find somewhere convenient to stow it that won't have quite so dear a cost. It's also got a nice little government grant to help you defray the cost.

The Helio officially costs £1400 (and is available online from the eGo store) but is eligible for the Government Grant of 200.00 through the Energy Saving Trust PowerShift Register, bringing it down to £1200. It also has a basket so you can take it to the grocery store, but if a little bit of storage isn't enough, you can (also optionally) get a little trailer attachment that lets you tow an additional 250 lbs (around 100 kilos - more than I even take on an average vacation with my dearest John). [[GT]

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