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Bike Friday folding bicycles


Bike Friday is a comfortable, full-size bike. Also, in 30 seconds, the Bike Friday folds down to fit in an airline-size suitcase, so you can very easily take it with you, on planes, on trains, even into your office. No oversize expensive weird luggage that they charge you an arm and a leg for (if they even let you take it on). Plus they're hand-made in Eugene, Oregon (where I ex-lived with the ex-Mr Taylor, who is delightful in his own way but not my adorable John) so you can feel entirely good about owning one. But why trust me when you can test-drive one?

A wide variety of Bike Friday dealers allow you to test before buying, in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada and the US. In the UK, you want to contact the Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath where they'll be totally delighted to let you tool around on one. And more information in general about the Bike Friday in the UK is available at www.foldingbikes.co.uk - until their UK-specific site is online. [GT]

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