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Spinning_earth3_1 Now here's something for everybody!  WikiGreen is a community for "Sustainable living, Intentional communities and life Off the grid. You will find here the personal experience of Alternative energy, Back to the land and Do-It-Yourself people, as well as regular folks wanting to live more Green."  I'm a little surprised to not have run into any green wikis before because the whole philosophy is about community - if you've got one, please do share.  The great thing about wikis is, they can be whatever you make them - and since WikiGreen already has nearly a thousand articles posted, it looks like its making itself into something very useful indeed.

The main subjects on the front page are Agriculture, Community, Construction, DIY, Food and Drink, Technology and Health.  There's also an Ideas page where you can post things you'd like to see happen, such as recycling tetra paks into roofing.

The organization structure could use a little improvement, but like I said, the great thing about a wiki is, you don't have to just sit around complaining about how things should be, you can get right in there and tidy them up.  The exempla of the hippy spirit!


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The Wiki has merged with and moved to appropedia.org

Posted by: eric | 9 Jan 2007 22:14:39

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