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Hydrogen Powered Model Car - For Kids


If I were only ninety again I'd want a  Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit from Thames & Kosmos for myself.  This delightful little kit, aimed at ages 12 and up, comes with thirty experiments, which got big kudos from the Parents' Choice Foundation, saying: "Wow! - usually when toys say there are 30 experiments, there are a few basic experiments and the others amount to small changes and variations on the basic ones. Not so here. The experiments, based on building a model car that runs on water, are versatile and cover a wide range of phenomena."

Experiments include: How to build a solar-powered car. Effects of direct and indirect radiation. Characteristics of a solar module. Electrolysis and its effect on water. Oxy-hydrogen test. How to construct and load a reversible fuel cell. Decomposition of water in the fuel cell. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas in a fuel cell. How efficient is electrolysis? How light influences electrolysis. Solar electrolysis. Fuel cell-powered car.  Just the thing for a budding Mileva Maric.


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