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France shames high-emissions vehicles


The French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development has a set of colour-coded labels that all French cars are now required to display.  The labels indicate how bad (or good) the car's emissions areFrench cars made today produce around 152g of CO2 per kilometer on average, compared with the general EU average of 160g/km.  They figure by naming and shaming the red-hot offenders, consumers will be drawn to more cheerful shades.  (via WorldChanging)

Despite a voluntary engagement from European carmakers to cut carbon emissions down to 140g/km by 2008-9, progress has been slow. Environmentalists have warned that the industry cannot be trusted to self-regulate and that significant reductions will never be reached without compulsory measures.

From July 1, an "energy label" will also become compulsory for French homes.   [GT]

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