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How much miles would your mileage save if your modern car saved mileage?


Sierra Club launched a miles per gallon calculator (although the rest of the world wishes they'd also made a kilometers per liter version - it's just math, guys!).  You plug in the make and model of your car, and it tells you how much you would save on gas, how much less gas you would use, and how much less evil you would release into the environment if automakers were forced to make better vehicles.  (Given that we identified yesterday that finding fuel efficient cars is a problem in the UK) we could use a calculator like this that worked globally.)  How much savings?

Since my dashing young man has a Mazda Protege, I plugged that in.  Said his car currently got around 21 mpg, but if it were 'modern', it would get around 36mpg, saving him over 250 gallons of gas a year, $766 USD, and causing over 7 tons less pollution.  Over your car's lifetime (12 years on average), you'd save $9,192!  Goodness.  Honey, we could use some of that.  [GT]

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