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Save water with a Hippo!


How would you like to save 10-15% of your total home water use?  How about 33% of your workplace use?  If you have typical employees, using the toilet 3 times a day, that adds up to 6000 liters a year - that's six cubic meters.  Or, with a Hippo Water Saver, you can cut that down substantially, especially if you have toilets pre-dating the 1993 low-flow variety.

The Hippo is a heavy gauge polyethelene box shape that sits in the cistern under the float.  When the toilet is flushed, the water in the Hippo stays in the box (although there is a small hole so that the water circulates and stays fresh.

You can even install the Hippo in modern low water consumption cisterns.  It can be adjusted "in seconds" to fit smaller tanks.  It's durable - so for home use you probably won't need the bulk pack from Ecotopia (£95 for 100 Hippos!) but will probably be fine with a single Hippo for a very modest £1.20.  How can you go wrong at that price?


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