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Ross "Captain Organic" Lovegrove interview


Lovegrove is a designer with an ecological conscience - including a particular dislike of emissions-heavy vehicles - who wants to make beautiful, durable, green goods. His parents never replaced things or threw them out. In fact, a VitrA toilet has been in his parents' house for decades, and they still reuse the plastic water bottle Lovegrove designed. His favourite drawer handles are made from beach pebbles near that very dwelling. He's also designing a car with 1,200 Swarovski crystals embedded in the top - maximum bling and maximum juice for the solar panels.

Lovegrove nearly came to blows in Hyde Park over [cars]. He drove there with Miska to take a walk, and when they parked, "The guy in front of us was just running his engine, and this was a park, so I went up to him and asked if he had kids." The man looked dumbly (think two short planks) at Lovegrove and said yes, not knowing what was coming next. Lovegrove asked if he cared about their future and lectured him about leaving his engine running with exhaust belching out. The ensuing argument attracted stares from all the passersby ("including," Lovegrove adds, "the lead singer of Dire Straits").

It's the System X modular lighting in the Lovegrove slideshow that is most interesting here - white and orange X shapes that can be chained together in dynamic grids. Efficient, beautiful, environmentally sound lighting with the ability to add a new burst wherever needed - although the magnesium chair, pictured above, is what makes my heart go pitty pat. (Just don't let it catch fire.) [GT]

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