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Recycled cardboard fort from Ecotopia


Cardboard is a great material for kid toys - it's light, it's customizable (with optional crayons, paint or felt pens), it's sturdy without being something the child can injure itself on. (We do love cardboard here at HS - see earlier posts on Class cardboard chairs, the grass armchair, the Eco crib and Recycled lamp lights things up, to name a few. Theoretically you can just "make it yourself, it's only cardboard", but theoretically you can make your own underwear - it's only a scrap of cotton and elastic! - but you almost certainly don't.) The cardboard fort in particular is something I'd have gone for as a kid (and did have a cardboard Fisher-Price castle, but this one is bigger).

Ecotopia cardboard toys are all made from 100% recycled cardboard, with no added chemicals, and are food safe (dry food that is - wet food would make the cardboard soggy).  Maybe I'm not too tall to fit in one of those.  Hold my calls, please, darling. [GT

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