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Produce your own nature program


Skip reality teevee involving humans and head straight over to the nest box cam.  Beautiful Britain has a nice set of instructions on what kind of camera is suitable, with some (not quite as detailed as one might like but they do give the general idea pretty well) diagrams on how to install the camera into a pre-existing bird house.  Since you know precisely where the nest will end up, you can adjust the focus on your camera until you're getting a very clean, clear picture before you hang it up and wait for nature to come calling.  (Might we recommend you investigate powering it with some DIY solar?) Or, you can just buy your own Complete Camera Nest Box with infrared, all ready to go.  £145 from Noah's Ark Gardens.

The Nest Box is hand-built from FSC timber, waterproofed, and comes with multiple boxes so that you can pick which bird to entice.  Waterproof, shielded, and the camera is separated from the house so that you can clean it without bothering the birds.  (And no, you can't vote out the ugly ones - all baby birds are beautiful!)


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