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Lumen shadow oil lamp


Lumen is a shadow lamp from Adam Frank.  It is acid etched stainless steel with a small wax core that burns for 17 hours.  As the flame flickers, so does the shadow.  Frank also has a custom wall mount (although for $40 you could probably get an entire shelf, ahem).

Available in six varieties (pine, nest, magnolia, flock, flame, cedar) for €49 from poaa.nl. A pretty alternative to the scented candle when you're stuck looking for a neat gift you're sure they don't already have.


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I just got the flock version and am totally disappointed with it....the shadow is nowhere close to how it looks in the image on the website,
they probably used some additional lighting

The $57 price is too steep and it does'nt even deliver what is promised....

Posted by: Amit Nihal | 19 Feb 2007 17:51:07

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