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If 99,999 other people bought this laptop, would you?


Have $300 USD you're willing to spend on a laptop?  How about if that gets you a laptop, and gives two more laptops to children in Africa?   Mike Liveright has pledged to do so if he's one of 100,000 buyers.  The pledge drive isn't endorsed by One Laptop Per Child,  Nicholas Negroponte's project (with MIT Labs), yet - but you can figure if he gets enough takers (he's got 2,311 already) that they'll come on board.  There's a lot of discussion as to whether it's better to give food or tech, but I side strongly with the idea of giving tech - teach a man to fish and he eats for life.  (via Gizmodo)

These laptops would be preloaded with thousands of books, from school texts to health manuals, so each $100 represents a priceless library.  Your $300 is tantamount to giving a small child the keys to their own private Alexandria.  Their entire life would be transformed.  The ability to read is worth more than a limited supply of food; permanent knowledge is worth more than medicine that can run out.  (Speaking as someone with a lifelong disability, I know this; I have often had to make the choice between food and tech and tech wins more often than you would think.)

(And yes, it's already been pretty much established that the laptops generated by OLPC aren't going to look exactly like this picture.  The idea is that if warlords rip them off, it should be clear that those scumbags stole from children - and that's such a sensible idea that we can expect to see the ultimate design retain the childlike sensibility.) [GT]

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Or you could find your own way to purchase the laptops. I have three ideas myself: http://www.olpcnews.com/sales_talk/price/buying_a_olpc_laptop.html

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