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How many dead light bulbs does it take to have a happy blackout?


One, if it's the Happy Blackout from German Stiletto Design.  You attach the stainless steel mount to the wall, insert a (preferably dead - why waste a usable one?  Although it would be handy to always know where a spare light bulb was...) bulb in the socket, light the tea light candle cunningly behind the light, and there you are, the bulb appears to be lit.  $18 from designobject.

The glow from the tea light is so gentle, that it makes the bulb appear to float in mid air.  Conceived originally as a statement about Y2K, interest picked up during the rolling blackouts in California - that it gave, if nothing else, the illusion of normalcy.  But in times of crisis, isn't that the most important thing?

[Gabrielle Taylor]

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Unfortunately the "designobject" webshop is no longer active. But I still produce "Happy Blackout", because it is still needed in this world. At this point there is no convenient availability in the U.S.. Shipping from Germany makes it relatively expensive. U.S. dealers very welcome! Stiletto

Posted by: Stiletto Studios | 17 Dec 2006 22:56:34

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