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Handy Bike Maintenance Chart


One of the best ways to reduce emissions is to use human-powered transport, like a bicycle. Spring is nearly over, so if you don't have your bicycle out yet, you may be hopeless (like me). But if (like me) you're procrastinating because the bike needs an overhaul and you're a bit unclear on what's involved, Bicycles West has a terrific checklist. It tells you what to do every ride, every month, every six months and every year, from making sure the chain is lubed to, er, checking the spoke nipples for cracks. (It's less exciting than it sounds, but it can also save your life. Cracked spoke nipples can kill!) (via Armchair Environmentalist)

Most of the things suggested - checking for wear and tear - are common sense, but it's nice to have a list you can print out and keep in your repair box.  And if you abuse your bike, naturally it'll take more upkeep.  (Say, if you leave it in the basement and keep meaning to get nice new tires but instead it ends up sitting reproachfully by your desk, glinting aimlessly at you every time you shuffle by in your vintage 4 1/2" Cleo-Bottier stilettos.)  [<a href="http://www.hypercube.org">GT</a>]</p>

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