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Carbonfund.org offers free carbon offset for links

SmokeFor every blog that links to CarbonFund.org, Technorati shows 147 links (so it'll be 148 in a minute). 

“In working with Carbonfund.org, I hope to encourage bloggers to go beyond the debate about climate change,” said Eric Cahoon, who writes the DeepMarket.com blog.  “This challenge to bloggers is to help create awareness of actions they can take now – such as taking advantage of energy efficient appliances and reducing the energy they use.  In working with Carbonfung.org, they can have further impact by reducing carbon emissions, supporting renewable energy and reforestation projects.” (via Treehugger)

Like the Hunger Site and its siblings, participating is one of the best things you can do to make a better internet.  It's free, it's beneficial, and it takes you very little time.  G'wan, fellow bloggers, link it up.  [GT]

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