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Put on your recycled dancing shoes

06_01bekki05 Mohop sounds like a new dance step but is in fact a company specialising in eco shoes. The sole is comprised of recycled tyres, environmentally friendly sourced wood and sealants. You can then choose from a variety of interchangeable straps, including beautiful vintage fabrics, such as a Persian floral design found in the basement of the maker's (Annie) grandma. Who said fashion for hippy feet was all Birkenstocks and ethical trainers?

Vf06 The soles are available in various heel heights and have a unique hand painted design. The range of straps include satin ribbons, embellishments and cute florals to keep the most fashionable hippyshopper happy.  The downside is the price (around $150) and the fact that you have to ship these over from the USA (oh shucks).  But the idea is that you buy the hardwearing sole and use the interchangeable straps to reduce the need for lots of different shoes for separate outfits.  You can also apparently use the straps as belts. Good for holidays! [Ella - Thanks Jean for your great tip]

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