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Grass armchair from Purves & Purves


Purves & Purves has the ultimate in green DIY: a cardboard armchair you seed with its own natural cover of rich green grass

You assemble the frame in a spot outside where you always wanted to sit, fill the base with gravel to weight it, pour soil in the remainder, and seed with the enclosed packet.  Within ten days your baby will be a stubbly green adolescent, and shortly after it'll be a mature (and comfortable) outdoor seat.  Within a month you'll have a brand new spot to sip margaritas and watch the sun set. 

At £65 this looks like a good deal - not many all-natural seats come that cheap.  Unsurprisingly this is a top seller and temporarily out of stock, but you can always back-order.

[Gabrielle Taylor]

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Or, better yet, make one yourself. It's just cardboard.

Posted by: Joe | 18 Apr 2006 16:17:41

You could just make one yourself, although it looks like there's a fair bit of brain involved in making sure all the soil stays where it ought.

No doubt somewhere there's a field of Purves' seconds, chairs with only one arm, chairs that look fine but which swallow hapless bystanders (bysitters?)... hrm, probably a good bit of change in the cushions in that one.

Posted by: Gabrielle Taylor | 19 Apr 2006 19:50:28

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