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Write for Hippyshopper

Single_recycled_pen It doesn't seem that long since I was answering this plea to write for Hippyshopper. Telling folks all about the latest green and fairtrade products gives me a real buzz (really!) and I'd love to hear from people with a similar passion for ethical consumerism. For now, there's no cash involved - the renumeration is simply the joy of the wordsmith and the prestige of being read on a site that gets more than a thousand hits every day. Plus you're doing your bit for the planet by showing readers the better alternative.

Interested? Email me with a sample Hippyshopper story - in the style of the site - on a subject you're interested in. Please paste it into the body of the mail rather than sending it as an attachment. [Ella]

Get writing! Pictured: Pen made from recycled computer printers. Costs 85p at Ecotopia.

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