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From eco confetti to an ethical wedding

Basket_lg Most churches and wedding venues have a confetti ban.  It seems a bit 'bah humbug' but all those paper and foil shapes do create a lot of waste.  Bridalwave has suggested that blowing bubbles could be the new 'green' confetti but you may not be entirely convinced if you're worried about the nasty soapy mixture in plastic bottles (unless you make your own Ecover mixture!). The answer may lie with The Real Flower Confetti Company who make biodegradable confetti.  Of course, if you're planning an ethical wedding, the confetti is probably the last thing on your mind - there's the venue, rings, outfits.......

The Real Flower Confetti Company produce and sell delphinium and wildflower petals which are entirely natural.  No artificial drying or colouring is used in their preparation, allowing them to biodegrade as natural blossom.  One and half litres of the stuff (apparently enough for 20 guests) costs £21.00. [Ella]

Eco and ethical weddings - links of related interest:

The Independent - How to have a green wedding - Advice on food, transport and more.

Eco wedding dresses have been created for Well Fashioned - Crafts Council exhibition.

City Hippy has a new feature on ethical weddings - a dedicated site is soon to follow.

Bridal Wave - the blog for everything wedding-related. Want a conflict free diamond engagement ring? Read their post on Ethical diamonds are forever

Ganesha - Set up a wedding list through their fair trade shop

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UPDATE: I've found a few more great links; The Changing Times had an eco fashion challenge, which featured ethical wedding dress maker Wholly Jo and jewellery from Silver Chilli

Greenfibres, who sell organic bedding, clothing and more, also have a free wedding list service

That's it for now!!!

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Click above to read City Hippy's (www.cityhippy.blogspot.com)post - 'ethical lord of the rings.

Posted by: Ella (Ed) | 7 Apr 2006 12:59:30

Charity wedding lists supporting a number of green charities including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Plant Tree Save Planet and WWF...

Posted by: Holly Long | 18 May 2006 14:40:41

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