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Review: River Nene Box Scheme

Riverford_vegbox My wife and I are going to be checking out and reviewing box schemes over the next few months. You do pay above supermarket prices with box schemes but you get better organic produce and it does sustain local ethical farmers. We intend to try as many as possible and then pick the one that suits us best for a more long-term relationship. First up was River Nene and the order arrived as promised today. The box looked superb and we were very excited by its arrival. We scored them based on price, produce quality (lovely looking avocados and extra points for genuine mud), variety (even got ginger beer mmm), packaging (lost points for carrots in a plastic bag), service (ordering online could not have been easier and they give you a free seasonal produce guide) and extra points for the nice friendly delivery guy. River Nene scores 8/10 9/10 (turns out the plastic bags are biodegradable). [Written by Cityhippy]

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I get the Riverford box (a sister scheme to River Nene for southern England) and just thought I'd point out that the plastic bags they use are biodegradable ones at least - still not ideal but better than normal plastic!

Posted by: Edith | 16 Feb 2006 09:26:10

Like Edith, I use Riverford, too, and just wanted to say how happy I am with it: good value for money, great taste, and variety - forcing me to come up with new recipes every week :)

Posted by: ardief | 16 Feb 2006 10:10:51

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