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A green life - with style!


Featuring architecture, fashion and product - all using recycled or re-used materials, Experimental Eco Design by Cara Browet & Rachel Mallory offers ideas for a green designer life. Including a complete directory of manufacturers, designers and material sources, each design has a clear description and beautiful images presented in catagories such as - 'Efficiency by design' - 'Imaginative re-use' and 'Social sensibility'. Cool green. Published by Rotovision @£30.00. ( Ian Harris)

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What the Bleep do we know!?

Ukdvd_2Anyone who knows me puts up with my constant banging on about quantum physics and the fact that WE ARE WHAT WE THINK. Well, what a relief for everyone now that I can buy them the DVD of 'What the Bleep do we know!?'. Released in 2004 this film was a surprise box office hit and is a docu-drama about the realisation of the truth, which spirals into an Alice in Wonderland journey of enlightenment down a metaphysical rabbit hole. The film employs some fantastic animation and interviews with leading figures in molecular biology, neurology and metaphysical thought explaining in layman's terms the true nature of being. SEEKERS BEWARE: this film will change your life! Buy online at Amazon for £14.99  and more info at www.whatthebleep.com (Ian Harris)

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Free rain

Rainwatersystemschematic Isn't it crazy that we let a perfectly good water supply i.e. rain, wash down our drains every day?  I've recently switched to a water meter and will be getting a couple of water butts to water my garden this summer.  If money were no object then I would invest in a rainwater harvesting system like this one from Freerain.  The water is diverted from the roof to a storage tank buried in your garden where it is filtered and pumped out again to use for washing machines, WC's and garden watering.  By using this system you will save 50% of your average water consumption. It costs around £3000 and its clearly a long term investment, which may add value to your home.  For more details go to the website or call 01636 894906. [Ella]

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Pet sounds

Mbscd923If you are the owner of a crazy cat or depressed dog, perhaps it's because you are playing the wrong music. Rap, hip-hop or powerpop may be driving your cat up the curtains and Cradle of Filth may not be doing much for Rover's peace of mind, and if Polly the parrot sings 'Smack my bitch up' every time granny comes round for tea, then Music for Pets may be the answer. Animal healer Margrit Coates in conjunction with musician Perry Woods, has produced this C.D. of especially composed chill out music that cats, dogs and even horses can really benefit from. If the healing powers of music can work on humans, then I guess it would work on stressed pets. £8.95 from www.newworldmusic.com. ( Ian Harris).

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The Perfect T-shirt


Better thinking, howies and Kate Fletcher have come together in a quest to find the perfect t-shirt. The journey is recorded in a fine blog which records the journey towards the ultimate ethical garment and a quality forum, where all are welcome to contribute to the project or comment on other people's ideas- much [ethical] fun!  [Phil]

(Pictured: Howies organic tee now reduced to £12.50 for men and £10 for the ladies - Ella)

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The bag you'll never forget

Keypouch_1I love my jute shopper but I keep forgetting to take it out and it’s pretty bulky too. Onya Bags, an Australian company, have come up with a great solution. A stylish bag you can carry on your key ring. It’s made of parachute silk, comes in a range of colours and is strong and washable.
Don’t contribute to the 17.5 billion plastic bags we use every year – get one of these and keep it on ya. Geddit? Took me a while! You can order online or find a local stockist – heck you could even become a local stockist. I picked mine up from my local Fair trade shop for £6.50. (Alissa)

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Eco mobile phone cases

Wootex_cell_case_1 The girls at Shiny Shiny thought that us Hippyshoppers might approve of these mobile phone cases from Tote Le Monde.  Approve we do, these bright stripy cases are made from 100% recycled plastic and retail at a reasonable $12. There's a buckle so you can attach the phone to your bag (does anyone actually do that?) or more likely, to help you fish it out from the bottom of your overloaded sack.  The sensible bit is that the case may protect your phone and prolong its life because its not very green to keep upgrading, however tempting the features of the latest model are! [Ella]

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Fantastic Fairtrade Fortnight

Global_fw This year between the 6th and 19th of March 2006 us HippyShoppers get to enjoy Fairtrade Fortnight: the biggest push towards ethical consumerism all year long. With over 1300 fairtrade products available in shops making an ethical shopping decision has never been easier. Plus Fairtrade Fortnight makes bringing fairtrade up in conversation a doddle. You can even thank, as I did last year, those who run your local shop for listening to you and stocking Fairtrade products. Of course you can then encourage them to do even more. I had some very interesting chats with supermarket staff. With hundreds of events up and down the country you can meet fellow Hippyshopper types and even get to talk to people that grow Fairtrade produce. My Fairtrade pick of the fortnight? A Global All Star Football available from Fair Deal Trading for only £12.90 [Written by Cityhippy]

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Happy feet equals happy mothers

Roseholisticsilklrg Hemp slippers are the perfect answer for puritans [see previous post here] but sometimes a bit of luxury gives you all the lift you need to get you through the day.  Take these Holistic Silk brocade slippers for example, they will surely make me feel a little happier in my step, when I'm brushing up the cereal littered on the floor by my two year old.  Not only do they look gorgeous but feature removable magnetic insoles to massage my feet and induce serenity.  The slippers cost £65 and are available in different designs, including unisex black and an nonmagnetic version for babies.  Holistic Silk also sell eye masks, yoga mats and bags and a meditation cushion with lavender to rival a recent post [lotus meditation chair].  All products are made in Britain to the highest standard using silk, seeds and dried herbs. Plus there's free delivery and a current 10% reduction for mother's day.  NB  - Consultation with a GP is recommended before using magnetic slippers if you're pregnant or suffer with a heart condition. [Ella]

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Waterless washing machine


'Airwash' is the winning design of the Electrolux student competition to develop a new appliance to suit the needs of generation 2020.  Instead of water and detergent, the revolutionary Eco friendly machine uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes.  Designed by Chua and Tan of Singapore University, there are no confirmed plans to produce the airwash concept but I thought Hippyshopper's may like a peek at what the future may hold nevertheless.  Check out the most Eco-friendly current washing machines on the market (that use water sadly) at Gooshing, where you can compare products by their price and crucially, their ethical rating. You can also read about calculating the energy efficiency of washing machines via the National Energy Foundation website. Serious stuff eh! [Ella]

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